Only on by school wifi :’v

Hello all~ Nice to see you here :v

Argh I have a stomache ._. hurt.. Well I want to be honest. Honestly I always can post when using school’s wifi .-. Why?? Because in my home, the wifi is very weak and always failed when I upload something ToT


Well, I’ll tell you about my school. My school called Kanisius High School. Yeah, high school (I mean not the buliding is high -_-). Well, My school or just call it Kanisius High School (K-hs) have only 3 Ten grade’s classes and 3 Eleven grade’s classes (1 science class and 2 society classes) and also just 2 Tweleve grade’s classes (science and society only). Hahaha.. it’s very simple and empty ._.


Well, In my simple school.. also have a super smart student. And I’m just the ordinary one .-. hahaha,, well I’m smart enough :3 I like chemistry and math and English subjects

Just knowing that… then.. what must I say? I don’t know ;_;

Anyway (again – -) My school’s WiFi is fast >_< (when no one use it; only me) and I want to download some movies,, or maybe just some songs. But always.. when I tried to download that everyone in my class is came a long and made the WiFi slow .-.


I hope that I got WiFi which is fast and cheap /.\ Poor me .-.


Okay,, It’s a useless thing that I ever post (not really, I mean there were a useless posts too)

Then… See yaaa :3


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