Reading~~ Heroes of Olympus 3 : Mark of Athena

Well… I just have read that but not finished yet

I’d like to read this book soo much >_<  cause every pages is made me curious how is the ending~

Hahah.. I’ll tell you some.From Percy Jackson & the lighting thief til Heroes of Olympus : Mark of Athena~

There was a boy, his name is Percy Jackson. He was a demigod, son of poseidon and he knew it when an ench(idk what.. i forgot) attacked him. Mr. Burner (his historycal teacher)and Groover (his friend) save his life. Mr. Burner was a centaur and Groover was a satyr. His life changed. Then he met Annabeth Chase (daughter of Athena) and they worked together in the same mission so they being close.Idk why.. they had friends. There were Luke Castellan (their friend who worked with Kronos, son of hermes), Clarisse La Rue (daughter of ares), Thalia Grace (daughter of Zeus), Rachel Elizabeth Dare (just a normal human.. not a demigod but she was being the orcale..), Nico di Angelo (son of hades, he can made  the ghost back life), bianca di angelo (nico’ sister) then..i forgot 😐 =_= Ah of course! Tyson (percy’s step brother, a cyclops), Chris Rod- bleh.. i forgot too but I remember that he was bad, Silena B- (i forgot too).

Finish~ and then the Heroes of Olympus is..

  1. Jason Grace (Son of Jupiter, Thalia’s brother)
  2. Percy Jackson (I’ve told you before..)
  3. Annabeth Chase (i have told you too)
  4. Hazel levesque (daughter of pluto, nico’s far sister, she was dead.. and back to life cause of nico)
  5. Piper Mclean (daughter of Aphorodite, jason’s girlfriend)
  6. Leo Valdez (son of hephaestus, his grand grand father is the man who Love hazel)
  7. Frank zhank (son of ares, he love hazel, and can turned to everything~ cool talent)

Now there were in Rome.. the old country that very very dangerous for demigod.. Annabeth walk alone to searching Mark of athena. Hazel, Frank, Leo were trapped in underground. Piper, Jason, and Percy were attacking 2 gians Otis and.. E- i forgot again =_= for saving Nico (nico is being the gianys hostage since 6 days ago..)
Well.. there will be a chaos~ Jason can flying and make turnderlight, Percy can control all water (except the water that he can’t), Hazel can control all jewelries and gold or something like that.. also can made a tunnel in underground, Annabeth is smart in strategy and else, Leo can fix all machine and made some cool machine.., Piper can do a charmspeak and made her enemy followed what had she said, Frank Zhank can be everything (maybe just animal…)

Well.. I can’t imagine that the seven demigods can win againts Gaea.. I still read that and wait for the ending >_< i.m soo excited and curious~~
Then.. just that the info, idk else (maybe i forgot -,-) soo.. see yaa~~ contact or comment if you want to ask 😉 😉 >_<


2 thoughts on “Reading~~ Heroes of Olympus 3 : Mark of Athena

  1. Hi, great post. I like Rick Riordan’s books too. I have finished all the Pecy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series. For me Heroes of Olympus series are much better.


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