Who is she? She is… my sister!!


Hello everyone (maybe I should type ‘no one’)

See that picture yet? Yeah, that’s my sister (younger of course). Her name is Jessica Evelyna~ just call her ‘Jessi’. Her hobby is reading books (idk since when -,- but I guess she is following my hobby :v). She is using glasses cause to many read books or maybe playing phone. I’m not using glasses :v I have a super power hahahahah… altough I often reading or playing I never get minus hahah how lucky I am :3

Okay back to topic.. my sister is being fat since one.. or maybe 1,5 years ago hh.. (before that she was thin!) It coz of Jessi ate 2× than before :v and.. I’m became thin hh XD

Well~ my sister (jessi) has a sensitive feeling, and so that she is often angry without reasons :v I just can close my ears and sleep hhh

Ugh.. talk about else.. I’m in the restourant(?) Oh.. this place can’t called a restourant (soo uncomfortable) since 2 hours ago -,- and hot here… noisy.. the air is bad — there were some people who smoking in the ac room — how very unconfortable!!

And I want to back home.. and sleep and thinking nothing!

Blehh… I already ate 1 fried french and drunk 1 ice cappuchino~ haha -,- butttt… I want to back homeeee ㅠㅠㅠ I feel comfortable when I’m in my room, turn on the fan, and sleep (sleeping is become my hobby hh)
Well.. see you latter (or maybe.. idk what must I say coz there are no one watch this useless blog –)


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