The suspicious Cat 🐱 

The picture is taken in my house, 2nd floor

Here is the suspicious 🐱 haha..  Well idk when the first time he came,  but he is still come to my house and ask some food (but of course I didn’t give him one, coz if I do that..  He’ll back and ask for food again 😑)

Okay,  let me describe about that cat. 

  1. He is male
  2. He is a cat
  3. He is old cat
  4. Dirty
  5. Always said, “meow” when entering my house
  6. Haven’t schedule (he is entering my house anytime) 
  7. He came from my neighbor’s roof
  8. He didn’t scare with humans. I mean,  when we tried to frightened him (the cat) he doesn’t feel frightened! 
  9. Instead humans will scared if met him :?😐😐
  10. I am not scared about him, but just little bit disgusted 

    Well..  Still mystery about that cat, how about you?  Are in ur house attended by a cat too? Is it creepy like the cat who came to my house?
    Maybe no.. And..  Do u like cats? If you ask me, I’ll answer no. Just don’t like it hhh..  But I like my friend (who admit as a cat) 😂😂

    Happy Weekend! 😄😄


    4 thoughts on “ The suspicious Cat 🐱 

    1. heh, serem tau -_- boleh koreksi dikit ga? (banyak sih :v)
      1. no 8 kurang kurung tutup tuh
      2. no 10: “I am not scared about him” not “I am not scared about he”
      3. Are in ur house “atteded”, bukane kurang “n” ya? :v
      4. what do u mean by “admit as a cat” -_- however… it’s true, ne~



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