My Latepost

Hey!! How have you been? Anyway.. today I’m gonna post with English language (if you don’t know English well.. I will be sorry for that :v). I’ll talk about holiday (again -,-) haha. Holiday for me is like a hole + day, a hole in a day (what am I talking about -,-) coz I was not doing anything in this day. Boring day ever~I’ve told you before, right? What did I do when holiday (especially today)?

  1. Woke up at 11 a.m (I slept at 11 p.m last night, so.. I had slept 12 hours O_O)
  2. Took a bath at 12 a.m
  3. My mum told me that there would be dance practice at 1 p.m
  4. Tong-tong said that fio (my other pal) delay the dance practice, at 2 p.m
  5. Went to tong-tong house at 1 p.m
  6. Practiced dance (although it just nari-nari gaje)
  7. Fio came
  8. Lia replied and we (tongtong, me, fio) went to her house
  9. Practiced dance
  10. I was going to Joeeyy (the name is being sensored) Bakery and bought a pizza bread
  11. Ate the bread at Lia’s house
  12. Going home
  13. Went to academy (English & Math)
  14. Back home, coz there wasn’t any academy -_- the door had been locked (idk the tenses)

Well, I was doing something in this day. But this day also a boring day ever. I wanted to go to mall ._. but I can’t :’v

Why I can’t?? I had a lot of time. I also had the bicycle. Why? The reason is simple. I don’t have any friend to hang out with me -_-

Okayy, although this day is boring.. my sister brought me some snacks so~ I’m still can enjoy the day (with the snacks.. Oh no!! Its have many calories insideee >_< I must dance more and more -,- lol)

Anyway, talk about the snacks, the snacks is weird.. Milk + Coconut Delight =_= wth man. Can you ever imagine how it’s taste like? It’s made me feel nausea +_=^^^ and I’m full with just drinking that. Hahaha.

What did you guys do in this day? I’m boringgg~ I wanted to watch a movies, but there’s no time T.T and my laptop was acting strange. The charger can’t fill the battery =_= so maybe I can’t open my laptop for a few days (If I want to charge it, I must pray first to God ‘-‘ ask for His bless to charge my laptop. Lol. But it’s true :’v)

Anyway, today ‘til here.

I’m boring to write =_= (this is bad for blogger T^T). And.. I must to go to academy now =_= byee (later I’ll post “Ember Effect” story -,-) Byee~~~


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